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Chris Morgan Appointed as DRAd On Two Contracts
Cannonway / Herbert Smith Present Successful Series of Claims Seminars in Japan
RICS Dispute Resolution Faculty
Cannonway Lands Major Project in Russia
Cannonway Senior Staff Profile Expands
Cannonway Wins Power Project Contract in Thailand
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What is Mediation?
How to Start a Mediation
Cannonway Awarded Contract on Major LNG Plant in Qatar
The Art of Construction Project Management in China
Cannonway Assigned to Provide In House Contractual Assistance to Major Japanese Corporation
Claims under a Guarantee
A Practical Guide to Insurance Claims
Chitty on Contracts
Issues in Dispute in Successive Adjudications
Validity of Arbitration Notice – Abandoned Claims
Suspension rights: Civil Law Jurisdictions
Letter from Hong Kong: The traditional approach prevails
Notice Provisions in Extension of Time Clauses
Global Claims - Further Support?
Liquidated Damages, Clauses & Injunctions to Prevent Delay
We All Stand Together : Interface Agreements in PFI
Prolongation Claims in Construction Contracts - Cost or Value?
How to Value Variations - Judicial Guidance
Determining the Existence of an Arbitration Clause
Valuation of Variations - Strict Operation of the Contract
A Practical Guide to Civil Litigation
Mediation: A Practical Guide
Resolving Your Dispute by Mediation
Expert Evidence Dealt with Unsatisfactorily
Expert Witnesses Should Possess the Three 'I's
The Trials and Tribulations of the Expert Witness
Expert Witnesses Stand Firm: Are Changes In Order?
Chris Morgan, Director
EU Commission Green Paper on PPP/PFI Contracts
Public Private Partnerships {PPPs} in Hong Kong
Tang Report (Construction Industry Review Committee)
Sunbond Engineering Limited v Konwall Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd.
Atal Engineering Ltd v Evergreen Engineering and Construction Co Ltd
Settlement Agreements
Letters of Intent - Who Needs Them?
Reliance Letters - You Can Reply on Me.....
Pay When Paid Provisions
Relaxation of Some Restrictions on Subcontracting for Construction Proiects in China
New Draft PRC Construction Law
PRC Supreme Court Issues New Interpretation on the Application of Laws when Trying Construction Contract Dispute Cases
MOC Is Seeking Comments on its Consultation Paper
PRC Construction Law Revised
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Law of Negligence
Kenworth Engineering Limited v Nishimatsu Construction Company Limited
First Step in the Proceedings to Contest the Merits
Pre-hearing Procedure in LMAA Arbitrations
Electronic Disclosure of Documents in Contentious Proceedings
Legal Advice Privilege Judgment – but Practical Problems for Companies
ICC New Dispute Resolution Board Rules
Adjudicators are Not Public Authorities
When is it Reasonable to Refuse ADR?
The Costs of Mediation
The Impact of Civil Justice Reform in Hong Kong on Alternative Dispute Resolution
Shotgun Mediation
Re-building the Construction Industry
Chris Morgan Wins Further DRA Appointment
Is "Guaranteed Maximum Price" The Way To Go?
Provisional Measures Concerning Retention Money for Construction Works in China
Could Partnering Work for You?
Changes to the New CIET AC Rules Effective 1 May 2005
New Rules for Experts
New Risks and Responsibilities for Macau Contractors
Award of Interest in Event of Under-Certification
Construction Management
ADR in Asia Conference
Great Eastern Hotel Company Ltd v. John Laing Construction Ltd
Chris Morgan Appointed as First DRA for Drainage Services Department
New Standard Form of Building Contract
Construction Management - Riskier Than You Think
Mediation Update
Relaxing Restrictions on Hong Kong and Macau Contractors in The Mainland
Abbott & Anor v Will Gannon & Smith Ltd - Pirelli Remains Good Law
So Much for Experience ...
Cheques "Bounce" Beyond the Scope of Arbitration Clauses
Expert E vidence and Privilege under CPR
New JCT Framework Agreement: A Missed Opportunity?
Hong Kong's New Form of Building Contract : 20 Issues to be Aware of
Measures of Unliquidated Damages
Clause 25 Of The Standard Form Of Building Contract 2005 - Extension Of Time For Completion
Paul Fox
What is Practical Completion?
The English Law of Damages for Breach of Contract: Part III - Mitigation
Analysing delay in Hong Kong: When Theoretical Delay is just not Enough
Arbitrators in Hong Kong have a Broader Discretion on Calderbank Offers than the Courts
Ministry Of Construction In China Issues Consultative Draft Of Regulations Governing The Qualifications Of Construction-Related Enterprises
PPP boost in Singapore
What's the Big Deal?
Who makes a Good Expert Witness
Registration of Construction Workers
How to Win a Dispute
Macau Construction
Overseas Projects
Investment Treaties - An Important (But Neglected) Weapon For Contractors
Ngau Tau Kok DRAd Contracts Successfully Completed
Cannonway Assigned to Provide Commercial and Contractual Assistance to Major Japanese Corporation in Tokyo
Project Control Services
Cannonway Newsletter
Do Claims for “Loss Of Profit and Overheads” Fall within the Meaning of “Direct Costs and Directly Incurred Losses
Legal Update - Reciprocal Enforcement: Danger for the Unwary
The Duty to Verify Design Assumptions
Contract Administrators - Impartial As You Like
Cross-border Enforcement of Judgments
Alan Cheung
Construction Business Cooperation
Project Management
Project Monitoring
Quantity Surveying Services
Cannonway Providing Programming Services on Venetian Cotai Development
A New Property Law for Dubai
Must Arbitration be a Bloodbath?
Drafting Arbitration Clauses - A Trap for the Unwary?
Notification under Insurance Policies
China Responds to WTO Obligations - Decree 114 Implementing Rules for Foreign Invested Design Enterprises
China Infrastructure Projects – Choosing The Right Contracting Structure
PRC: Proposed Amendments to Energy Conservation Law
New Regulations on Qualifications for Construction-related Enterprises
MOC Rules on Construction Surveying & Engineering Design Qualifications
My Word is My Bond: Oral Contracts and Commercial Practice
Breach of a Condition Precedent in an Insurance Contract
Cannonway Awarded Two Contracts with Government for Expert Services on Mediations
Cannonway Awarded Contract for Specialist Contractual Assistance on Major Residential Development in Macau
Planning / Programming Engineers
Cannonway Awarded Further Contract with Government for Expert Services on Arbitration
Cannonway Group Organisational Structure
Cannonway Energy Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Cannonway Consultants (UK) Ltd., London
Cannonway Construction Consultants (Macau) Co. Ltd.
Reform of the Law of Arbitration in Hong Kong
Concurrent Delays and Delay Analysis
Challenges in Arbitral Proceedings
Opinion Concerning the Implementation of Regulation on the Administration of Construction Enterprise Qualification in PRC
Cannonway Gain Major Contract with Government for Expert Services on Mediation
Cannonway Awarded Contract on Major GTL Plant in Ras Laffan, Qatar
Dennis Truelove
Cannonway Awarded Contract On Major Multi-Billion Dollar Manifa Project in Saudi Arabia
How the New Civil Justice Reform Rules will affect the construction industry in Hong Kong
Recent international arbitration developments
Complete or Not Complete, That is the Question
PPP - A Small Step Forward
Cannonway Consultants & Project Chambers Conference
Cannonway Wins Contract on Mexico's First Supercritical Coal-fired Power Plant
Raymond Chan
Cannonway Awarded Contract for Specialist Contractual Assistance on Major Commercial Development in Hong Kong
Cannonway Awarded Contract for Specialist Contractual Assistance on Major Commercial Development in Hong Kong
Increases in Approved Project Estimates
Recovery of Mediation Cost
Claim by Unsuccessful Tenderer
Arbitrators and Advocates
Liquidated Damages: Stage Completion
Impact of Civil Justice Reform on construction disputes
Local dealings between employers and nominated subcontractors
Cannonway Wins Contract On Major Multi-Billion Dollar INPEX Ichthys LNG Project in Australia
Cannonway Wins Contract On Major Multi-Billion Dollar INPEX Ichthys LNG Project in Australia
Building energy efficiency funding schemes
Project finance, EPC contracts and the brave new world for Chinese contractors
Cannonway Awarded Contract On Major PNG LNG Project in Papua New Guinea
Tender Assistance
Planning / Programming Assistance
Enforcement of DAB Decisions under FIDIC Contracts
Enforcement of DAB Decisions under FIDIC Contracts
Cannonway Awarded Contract On Major LNG Project in Malaysia